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Vela spila is an archeological cave site. It consists of one hall measuring 50 x 40 m with a height of 20 m, the entrance is about 8 m wide, and there are two openings on the ceiling that allow a sufficient amount of daylight. The cave has been intensively explored for about fifty years, during which, in some places to a depth of 10.6 m, a significant amount of various archaeological material has been excavated. Due to its spaciousness and excellent location, the site is constantly inhabited from the last ice age until the end of the Bronze Age, and occasionally until today. Many traces of life make the Great Cave a unique time capsule in the interior of which are archived data on the epochs and periods through which civilization has sailed for the last twenty millennia. A journey through the deposits of the Great Cave is also a journey through time, that is, through the history of the human race.


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